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Phase III : 2013 - 2016/7


The Inkaba yeAfrica Programme (AEON) is now well into Phase III's third academic year, 2015. Soon to be released is the 2013-14 Annual Report reflecting highlights and achievements, human capital investment and development (for DST, NRF) over this period.  Previous Annual Reports are available on this website under Resources > Publications.

Its national highlight for 2014 was the 10th Inkaba yeAfrica Scientific Conference/Workshop held from Monday, 29 September - Friday, 3 October 2014 at Matjiesfontein, Karoo - SA,  At this stage it is too soon to indicate whether the next Scientific Conference/Workshop* will take place during 2015 or perhaps only in 2016 (funds pending).

However, an exiting highlight towards end December 2015 will be the Special Edition III - FUTURE EARTH by the South African Journal of Geology (SAJG) for Inkaba yeAfrica. This edition will come yet again, 4 years after their previous highly successful SAJG special issues in December 2011 no.114 (Phase II) (27 articles) and September 2007 (Phase I) No 110 (26 articles) that marked the achievements of Inkaba yeAfrica's Phases I and II.

*  The Inkaba yeAfrica and !Khure Africa Scientific Research Workshops are concerned with reporting significant research results over the DST/NRF Financial Period 2014 - 2015 (1 April - 31 March periods).  Presentations (and posters) are made by MSc and PhD students on both the Inkaba yeAfrica and !Khure Africa Programmes of DST and NRF, as managed by AEON (Africa Earth Observatory Network) at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU).  The Inkaba Liaison Office is based in Pretoria (close to the DST and NRF). 


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