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Year of Science 2010 - The Future of Energy

The issue of energy supply is crucial to the future of the world’s climate and our society. Can we reduce dependence on fossil fuels in time? What are the options, and what will switching to renewables cost?

These questions are at the centre of the German Year of Science given the motto "The Future of Energy" by its organisers, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), "Science in Dialog" and the Helmholtz Association. To draw attention to energy research and attract more junior researchers, the Federal Government is significantly raising its research budget. Together with four other Federal Ministries, the BMBF is providing a total of 2010, which has been 819 million euros for energy research: 209 million for renewables, and by enhancing efficiency, renewables further developed in the medium term and nuclear fusion opted for in the long term as part of a forward-looking energy concept. Several events will be taking place in Germany this year under "The Future of Energy" motto. Well-known scientists have been appointed "Energy Ambassadors".

All seven Helmholtz Centres (incl. Inkaba Partner, GFZ-Potsdam) operating in the field of energy are staging events of their own and providing experts for dialogue with schools and the public at large. And the Helmholtz Association has backed "Global ideas", a documentary series focusing on energy and sustainable development, with expert advice. Broadcast by Germany’s overseas television service, DW-TV, and supported by the Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMU), "Global ideas" presents projects in developing countries and emerging economies ranging from solar cookers for canteens in India to solar power for African hospitals. 395 million for energy efficiency, 135 million for nuclear fusion 80 million for nuclear safety. For now, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced

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