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Annual World Earth Day (22 April) / Earth Month (April)

Official Earth Day Poster 2009 -

Earth Day -- April 22 -- each year marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

History and Introduction

Earth Day has come a long way from the first events in 1970, which were based around demonstrations that called for responsible sustainability —and which resulted in the creation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and legislation protecting water, air, and endangered species.

Earth Day History

And in the years that followed, the holiday became synonymous with planting trees at the local park, picking up litter from the nearby playground, and with junior-high poster competitions—until 1990, when a massive marketing push inspired 200 million people in 141 countries to participate by addressing recycling as a major issue. Nine years ago, the millennial Earth Day included countless millions in 184 countries.

Earth Day: The Event

By now, Earth Day has cemented its status as a major event—which is good, because we have problems that go deeper than picking up litter or remembering to recycle. The climate hasn't improved in the 39 years since Senator Gaylord Nelson imposed the first celebration; now, the struggle to maintain forests, protect biodiversity, keep oceans and rivers clean, slow global warming, and prevent habitat destruction is more intense than ever. See how you can do your part this April 22—and beyond—with the tips, activities, kid-friendly ideas, and crafts on the following pages.
Acknowledgement :

United Nations International Years 2010 and Beyond
 The UN General Assembly has declared four international Years for 2008: Languages; Sanitation;Planet Earth; The Potato; and Polar*. Please find below a brief description of Planet Earth's aims and purpose, adapted from the corresponding resolutions that established each one. For more detailed information, please refer to the relevant resolutions in full (document numbers quoted) as well as the links to websites where available.
During 2010, the General Assembly focuses attention on the importance of mutual understanding on the continued loss of biodiversity, with theInternational Year of Biodiversity.  The contribution of forests to sustainable development, poverty eradication and development will be highlighted in 2011, which has been declared the International Year of Forests.
Meanwhile, international communities continues to observe the United NationsDecades forLiteracy Decade:  Education for All (2003-2012); the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014); and the International Decade for Action, "Water for Life"(2005-2015).
The General Assembly has declared UN Decades 2008-2017 as the second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty, and  2010-2020 as the UN Decade forDeserts and the Fight against Desertification.

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