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DST Developments : GCGC Science Plan

Development of an ambitious and comprehensive 10-year Global Change Science Plan for the broader National System of Innovation forms a key component of the Global Change Grand Challenge implementation framework.

Following national workshops in Pretoria during mid 2008, delegates were tasked with defining research focal areas as well as the thematic priorities and potential work programmes associated with each. It was proposed that research under the National Global Change Science Plan (GCGC) for the next 10 years should focus on two areas within the complex regional system and its various components:

Focal Area 1:

Understanding a complex regional system:  Emphasis to be on understanding processes and drivers of change in both biophysical and social domains. Understanding system resilience to be a major area of interest.

Focal Area 2:

Adaptive responses within a complex regional system:Core research focal area to be effective application of existing and new knowledge to meet societal needs and building resilience of interconnected systems (including institutional) in support of societal benefits.

Background to the development of the Global Change National Science Plan can be viewed at

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