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Sci-Fest Outreach with SAIP

March 2009

One of our Inkaba PhD-students, Roelf Botha promoted 'Careers in Science through Physics' as part of the SA Institute for Physics' (SAIP) Outreach Programme at the recent annual Scifest Africa held in Grahamstown, Cape Province - much to Inkaba's benefit. 

The 2009 SciFest had 550 events (lectures, exhibitions, workshops etc) hosting over 68 000 visitors of which were 85% learners, 5% teachers, 10% public.  The Learner level distribution were 20% Grade 1 – 7, 20% Grade 8 – 9, 60% Grade 10 – 12.

Apart from his Lunar Laser Ranger (LLR) research on the Space Geodesy Programme at HartRAO and the National Laser Centre (NLC) at the CSIR Pretoria;  Roelf was duly appointed since December 2008 as Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for SAIP. 

(Roelf's Inkaba supervisor is Prof Ludwig Combrinck, theme co-ordinator for Inkaba's Heart of Africa with Dr Christoph Bollig, participant on Ludwig's Sub-project 1.1, at the NLC).

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