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Postgraduate Bursary Applications - 2016/17 (for now only existing Inkaba/AEON RENEWAL Students)


RENEWAL Application for Postgraduate Bursary: 2016/7* Academic Year

PhD yr 2 or 3  /  MSc yr 2 


If you as an Inkaba/AEON approved student do not yet have a profile on, please register one here - (incl. outstanding 2013-2015 Graduation Certificates for DST Auditors).  2016 Renewal Applications to be processed ONLY if you are an existing Inkaba PhD yr 2 or 3 OR MSc yr 2 (no Higher or New degrees at this stage - pending funds)

  1. Your email address will be auto-verified and your online profile as a 2016 PhD yr 2 or 3 OR MSc yr 2 Renewal student approved accordingly
  2. Auto-instructions will follow via email on the required steps to follow for a Renewal 2016 Bursary Application i.e. ONLY existing Inkaba PhD yr 2 or 3 OR MSc yr 2.

Funding periods for both full-time (bursaries), part-time students (latter Registration Fees only) are the same         
Bursary amounts for full-time RENEWALS: PhD yr 2
or R80 000 p.a.), MSc yr 2  (R50 000 p.a.)
Only online RENEWAL Applications that comply with all requirements, will be considered by Prof. Maarten de Wit (inkaba/IPHAKADE) in this order:

. RENEWALS - PhD yr 2 or 3 OR MSc yr 2, thereafter
should there be any funds left for 2016/7 consideration upon special motivation by Supervisor to Prof. Maarten de Wit:

. HIGHER DEGREE (to be supported for 1yr only in 2016 eg. 2015 Inkaba graduates/students 'on the books', and thereafter possibly
. NEW PhD yr 2 or 3 MSc yr 2
  ONLINE postgraduate Applications only to be considered (in this order:  PhD then MSc).


Hereby Instructions for existing postgraduates on the Inkaba Programme to renew for ONE year ONLY as set out above:

1.  Log in at using the details provided above

2.  then, complete every year's required Profile information by choosing 'Edit' > 'Update your Profile'

    2.1  Portrait/Picture of Self

3.  Browse to the 'Personal Info' tab and complete the required Personal information

4.  Browse to the 'Studies 2016' tab and complete everything (NB 2016 Proof of Registration.pdf required urgently (with ref. to coordinating supervisor at institute responsible for only ONE bursary Invoice PER university). Registration Proof MUST be on your Institute's Official Letterhead + stamped + signed please!  (DST Audits will NOT acknowledge you as a final 2016/7 Inkaba Postgraduate Student on their grantholder programme for AEON/Inkaba for the DST Financial Year ending 31/3/2017)

5. Government (DST) requires your 2015 and 2014 Proof of Registration.pdf uploaded under Local Studies : Proof of  Registration)  which MUST be on your Institute's Official Letterhead + stamped + signed please!  (DST Audits will NOT acknowledge you as a Postgraduate Student on their grantholder programme for AEON/Inkaba concluding as per each official DST Financial Year ending 31 March for that specific year)

6.  Should you have Graduated during 2013 - 2016, your Proof/Certificate of Graduation.pdf uploads are required under Local Studies : Proof of Graduation).  (Once again, DST Audits will NOT acknowledge you as a qualified/graduated Postgraduate Inkaba yeAfrica Student on their AEON grantholder programme, Inkaba yeAfrica (to be officially phased out on 31 March 2017)

7.  Publications.pdf's should be uploaded under the Publications  tab upon full completion of each type of publication (max. 10) and other required details (to assist you with this, just do a NAME SEARCH on and all your Inkaba related publications/presentations will be listed (if you informed the Inkaba Liaison Office about this) to be cut/paste under your Publications  tab) and/or from your ResearchGate Profile.


PLEASE NOTE re. required uploads:  (all file extensions must be in lower caps)

1. Research Proposals p.a. (if, under special conditions allowed, Higher Degree (or New Applicants) - uploads under Additional File for 2016)

2. 2015 Student Progress Review/Report* (NEW Students under special conditions allowed have to upload their 2015 Results under Progress Report) OR prior Graduation Proof/Notification of Graduation under Local Studies : Proof of Graduation)

3. Copies of ID (SA’s) or Passports (if not South African – latter must be valid for at least 6 months into 2016)

4. Should you have been fortunate enough to upgrade, upload your Permission/Proof to Upgrade under Local Studies : Proof of Graduation

*Student Progress Reports will reflect your required outputs: research results, involvement (i.e. participation in Inkaba activities/opportunities, publications (journals, posters)) etc.  Such Progress Review Reports should have been done at the end of the 2015 academic year with students by their first Supervisor -  please consult your Faculty Liaison/Secretariat for standard Student Review Report Forms

Profile Updates and uploading of required Proofs/documents and personal data will in future have to be maintained by students (just as regularly as you would on ResearchGate, LinkedIn).  Statistics and other vital information required on a continuous basis by DST Minister Naledi Pandor and both DST, NRF's IRC divisions (International Relations and Cooperation) and Corporate Communications.


- Offshore Petroleum students will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and will require a motivation letter from your mentor/supervisor

- NRF Bursary/Scholarship/Fellowship holders may NOT simultaneously hold an Inkaba bursary, but, if an existing student – may motivate top-up via Inkaba supervisor and will be allowed to participate in Inkaba events

- Options about external sources for 2016 Scholarships and Bursaries (local and international) will continue to be forwarded from time to time.  Students (and supervisors) are yet again urged by DST and NRF to investigate alternative sources of funding due to the declining global economic situation.

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once you have completed all the necessary fields

(to be cross-checked and confirmed by the Inkaba Office).


* 2016/17 indicates the government financial year which runs from 1 April 2016 - 31 March 2017.  Funds are thus only released after 31 March 2016.


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