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CALL: PhD, MSc d.line 30 Sept - NRF Freestanding, Innovation Bursaries (CLOSED 30/9)

Please note this d-line - apply* timeously for the belowmentioned (1) Freestanding and/or (2) Innovation Scholarship Calls for 2014:
.    MSc, PhD - d.line 30/9)
* apply online:

Should you be a recipient of one of these bursaries, Inkaba can still keep you on its database ito invitations to the

.    Annual Inkaba yeAfrica Workshop (next one held in SA towards end March/begin Apr 2014)
.    other AEON/Inkaba workshops (eg. Shalegas; Space Geodesy and GeoPhysics etc)
.    Autumn School 2014 and
.    short courses on offer (eg. previously Earth Mantle Dynamics; SIMS etc).

Attendance will be free of charge for all Registered Inkaba Students under supervision/mentorship of one/more of our Inkaba participants, even though they might receive other funding eg. the above-mentioned NRF bursaries, or supplementary bursaries from their institutes/industry.


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