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CLOSED: Competition 2013 - Your Inkaba yeAfrica Challenges

At the 2012 workshop an announcement was made for a competition related to Earth Stewardship Science, during an introductory talk by Prof. Maarten de Wit - SA Coordinator : Inkaba yeAfrica (note below:  Focus on Africa).

All presently registered Inkaba yeAfrica students are invited to participate. The competition rule is: inculcate/integrate the messages in three narratives written by African authors (note below), into new challenges for Earth Stewardship Science and potentially new ideas for future Inkaba yeAfrica programmes, as well as the Grand Challenges Program of DST ( see their website – ).

Each participant will submit an original piece of their own work, in any one format, to encourage Creativity: Essay / video / website / art form / music / computer simulations / games etc. Essays may not be more than 1 500 words and collated graphics / cartoons less than 10 pages. Videos, YouTube, Music pieces, computer programmes and games may be no longer than 10 minutes; Art forms and engineering models must be less than 5 kg, and paintings less than 1x2 m; and these should be submitted first via photographic representation.

All submissions and further queries must be submitted/addressed via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - before 31 August 2013.

A committee of Inkaba Mentors and selected specialists will evaluate and judge the submissions; winners will be announced in November 2013 and will be expected to showcase their submissions at the next Annual Inkaba yeAfrica Workshop early 2014, where they will receive their cash prizes.

Focus on Africa


What can we learn from its history to inculcate into Inkaba yeAfrica?

Read three (3) books by African Writers:

     1.  "There was a Country" - Chinua Achebe

     2.  "Things fall Apart" - Chinua Achebe

     3.  "CONVERSATIONS with my Sons and Daughters"

-  Mamphela Ramphele

1st Prize : R10 000

2nd Prize : R5 000

Closing Date : 31 August 2013

Enquiries : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.














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