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Workshop 9 : Potsdam, 25 - 30 November 2012


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 Dr Robert Trumbull (GFZ) GEO-FUTURE:  Introduction and workshop goals  
 Prof. Maarten deWit (AEON) Earth Stewardship Science in South Africa  
 Dr Fenton Cotterill (AEON) Landscape Evolution, Geoecodynamics and Earth System Science  
 Dr Christoph Förste and  
 Team, GFZ
Earth Observation
 Dr Hans-Martin Schultz, GFZ Energy Resources  
 Dr Herwig Marbler, BGR -
Mineral Resources & their importance for the German industry  
 Prof. Cornie van Huysteen ,
Land use, soils and climate change. Critical Zone Research  
Capacity Building  
 TREDOUX, Marian International programmes as vehicles for capacity building: and overview of Inkaba Phase 2.  Abstract  
 STRYDOM, Kariena The impact of organisational culture on the attainment of strategic visions for merged higher education institutions  Abstract  
 FOURIE, Stoffel Recent Advances with TIAS and the Science and Tecchnology Train  Abstract  
 HEUBECK,  Christoph The Barberton-Makhonjwa Mountains Geotrail: Explaining the early history of our planet to the general public  
 PURCELL, Walter Analytical Chemistry - Stepchild of Chemistry  Abstract  
Earth Observation  
 COMBRINCK, Ludwig Earth and Ocean Monitoring Network across Southern Africa  Abstract  
 KORTE, Monika Geomagnetic field evolution in southern Africa from 2005 to 2010  Abstract  
 DOUCOURE, Moctar High-Resolution Airborne Geophysics Observatory for Research and Monitoring: Coastal Ecosystems, Earth Resources, Built Environment  
 CROUKAMP, Leon A Lunar Geotechnical GIS with reference to geotechnical work doen at Matjiesfontein Geodesy Observatory  Abstract  
 NICKOLA, George Leslie High-precision steering and pointing control of a satellite/lunar laser ranging telescope  Abstract  
 MOGOROSI, Alancia Modeling the dynamic effects of Earth tides on satellite orbit  Abstract  
 MUNGHEMEZULU, Cilence Determination of geodetic velocity field parameters for the African tectonic plate using GNSS: A project in the African Geodetic Reference Frame   Abstract  
 MUNGHEMEZULU, Cilence Comparison of Velocity Solutions from HRAO IGS station and  MOBLAS-6 SLR collocated at Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory   Abstract  
 NKOSI, Nokwazi Purity Characterization and development of optical components for the Cassegrain telescope and laser beam Coudé path of a Lunar Laser Ranger  Abstract  
 VAN DE HEYDE, Valentino Application of MAGIC code to computer TEC over Southern Africa region using GNSS networks  Abstract  
Geophysics & crustal tectonics
 MALEPHANE, Hlompho Seismic Hazard Assessment of the Western Arid Regions of South Africa: a Preliminary Study  Abstract  
 SMIT, Louis Microseismic observation in the Cape Fold Belt, Western Cape, South Afica  Abstract  
 ANDREOLI, Marco The Tectonic Stress across South Africa: Further Evidence for the Wegener Stress Anomaly  Abstract  
 KUETTER, Sissy Magnetotelluric experiments across the southern Barberton greenstone belt, South Africa  Abstract  
 CHEN, Xiaoming Constrained 2D anisotropic inversion of magnetotelluric data  Abstract  
 MAKHUBELE, Marvel a geophysical survey from Simonstown to Smitswinkel's Bay, with a specific focus on the distribution of dolerite dykes  Abstract  
 MOLZEN, Gregory Allan The manifestation of supercontinental break-up by emplacement of mafic dykes: Gondwana and Rodinia dispersal events  Abstract  
 MUEDI, Thomas Cretaceous brittle deformation structures in the  west and east coast regions of southern Africa: dyke geometry along the  Namibian margin and joint systems in the Table Mountain Group and Karoo intrusions flanking the Cape margin  Abstract  
 TSAKOU, Stephane The structural evolution and geochemical characterization of metasedimentary gneisses of the Korannaland Group along and adjacent to the Neusspruit Shear Zone. Northern Cape Province, South Africa  Abstract  
 MONDON, Jean-luc A study of the lithostratigrapgy of the Seychelles Microcontinent using well data and seismic interpretation  Abstract  
 VAN BEVER DONKER, Jan Folding, Thrusting and granitoids along the edge of the Kaapvaal Craton  Abstract  
Hydrocarbons & sedimentary basins
The thermal and density structure of passive margins  Abstract  
 SONIBARE, Wasiu An integrated approach to 3D geological modelling of the Western Bredasdorp Basin (South Africa)  Abstract  
 LOGUE, Andrew Orientation of maximum horizontal stress (SHmax) in the Orange basin and Outeniqua sub-basins of South Africa: neotectonic implications  Abstract  
 DOMINICK, Nehemiah Reservoir heterogeneity of the sandstone reservoirs within the Pletmos basin, Block 11a, offshore South africa  Abstract  
 MABONA, Nande Application of petrophysics and seismic in reservoir characterization. A case study on selected wells, in Orange basin, South Africa  Abstract  
 FADIPE, Oluwaseun The application of fluid inclusion studies to decipher diagenesis and hydrocarbon type: insights from the Bredasdorp Basin, offshore South Africa  Abstract  
 MIKES, Daniel Upscaling of relative permeability in heterogeneous rocks  Abstract  
 BLACK, Dawn The Collingham Formation as a regional caprock to shale gas  Abstract  
 CHERE, Naledi Shale gas potential of Permian black shales in the Karoo Basin, South Africa  Abstract  
 GEEL, Claire Preliminary results from core drilling, Lower Ecca Group north of Wolwefontein in the Eastern Cape  Abstract  
 SLAMANG, Shereen A geological study of the Ecca Group between Grahamstown and Fort Beaufort  Abstract  
 LOMBARD, Donovan Facies architecture and reservoir quality of Unit B, Permian Laingsburg Formation, southwestern Karoo Basin, South Africa  Abstract  
 MCLEAN, Christopher Large risk analysis in petroleum system science  Abstract  
 BERRY, Richard Depositional Hiatuses within experimental delta  Abstract  
 HASSAN, Safiya Stacked, Lower Miocene tide dominated estuaries, Northwestern Egypt  Abstract  
Energy and environment  
 SHAKHANE, Teboho Hydrogeological concerns about shale fracking in South Africa  Abstract  
 BENEKE, Louis Development of a Solar Power Plant  Abstract  
 BENTILE, Abraham Geochemical analysis of soil in close proximity with the two coal fired power stations and one nuclear power station in South Africa  Abstract  
 DHANSAY, Taufeeq Low-enthalpy geothermal energy potential of South Africa  Abstract  
 MEYER, Nicole Natural carbonation of Karoo dolerites at New Denmark Colliery: A case study for engineered carbonation  Abstract  
Landscape evolution  
 LINOL, Bastien The Kalahari Epeirogeny of sub-Saharan Africa: linking Kalahari Plateau uplift with the subsidence history of the intracratonic Congo Basin  Abstract  
 SCHARF, Taryn Denudation rates and geomorphic evolution of the Cape Mountains, determined through the use of in-situ produced cosmogenic 10Be  Abstract  
 MABUZA, Brenton Investigating Reasons For The Lack of Redoximorphic Features in Sandy Wetland Soils Of The Kosi Bay Coastal Wetland  Abstract  
 JOHNSON, Tracey Evaluation of Iron coated tubes to detect reduction in soils for wetland identification in the Kruger National Park, South Africa  Abstract  
 MOHASE, Lintle Elicitors in Russian wheat aphid saliva induce defence responses in wheat  Abstract  
 VISSER, Botma Impact of selected plant activators on wheat and herbicides on soil microbial populations  Abstract  
 LOKE, Palo Francis Long-term effects of wheat production management on exchangeable base cations and exchange capacity of a Plinthosol in semi-arid South Africa  Abstract  
 VAN AARDT, Andri A vegetation and environmental analysis of the Palaeo-kimberley, Palaeo-Modder Rivers and the surrounding area, Free State Province, South Africa  Abstract  
 ADAMS, Adrian Abiotic transformation of atrazine in soils  Abstract  
 THARAGA, Phumudzo Charles Analysis of Accumulated Daily Chill Units  At Bethlehem, South Africa  Abstract  
 KOIKOI, Likeleli The Effects of Sewage Effluents on the Water Quality of Sepanespruit, Thaba-Nchu in the Free State  Abstract  
 VERMAAS, Susanna Helena Estimating recharge of an aquifer through surface infiltration methods - a chemical and physical perspective  Abstract  
 VAN TONDER, Danel The development and evaluation of solar desalination technology  Abstract  
Open Session   
 FRIMMELL, Hartwig Did pre-existing lithospheric anisotropies control the opening of the South Atlantic?  
 ALMANZA, Roberto Structural Control of Joints on the Geomorphology of the Groot and Bobbejaans River Canyons in the Western Cape, South Africa  Abstract  
 COETZEE, Tanya A Petrographic study of the joint filling minerals found in the Prince Albert Formation of the Ecca Group within the Karoo Supergroup near Jansenville  Abstract  
 DLAMINI, Zandile A structural study of natural fracture systems at the transition between the Cape Fold Belt and the Karoo Basin Eastern Cape, South Africa  Abstract  
 MDLULI, Nomfundo Structural investigation and mapping of the coastline between point Cape Recife and schoenmakerskop, Port Elizabeth  Abstract  
 MILLER, Daniel Geological mapping and geochronology of the Kaaimans Group rocks that outcrop along the coast directly south of George  Abstract  
 MILLER, Warren New field mapping and tectono-stratigraphy of the (Pre-Cape) Gamtoos Group, Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth  Abstract  
SAFFOU, Eric Structural and geomechanical modelling of the evolution of structures in the Warm Zand area, Kakamas terrane, Northern Cape Province, South Africa  Abstract  
THOMPSON, Shane A biostratigraphic correlation between the Otavi and Nama Groups in Namibia, to the lower Kango Group in South Africa; using Otavia fossils  Abstract  
 JACOBS, Tamzon Magnetite composition and its use in provenance studies  Abstract  
 KIDANE, Abiel Textural and Chemical analysis of Zircons using SEM and EMP  Abstract  
 ENGELHARDT, Jonathan Constraints from high resolution zircon geochronology on age and provenance of the Archean Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa  Abstract  
 MOLOKOANE, Pule Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic applications of 3-hydroxy-2-methylpyran-4-one (maltol) and 3-hydroxy-2-ethylpyran-4-one (ethyl maltol) derivatives  Abstract  
Platinum Value Chain  
 ROELOFSE, Frederick The lower Main Zone in the Northern Limb of the Bushveld Complex: A product of mush emplacement?  Abstract  
 GAUERT, Christoph Mineralogical and geochemical investigations of upper Critical Zone rocks S and N of the Steelpoort fault, eastern Bushveld Complex  Abstract  
 REID, David Louis IRUP sees the light of day: open pit exposures reveal their emplacement by incremental replacement  Abstract  
 VEKSLER, Ilya Electrochemical processes in the Bushveld and other mafic layered intrusions  Abstract  
 SIAD, Abdi Geochemical  characterization of metasomatized rocks within the Platreef at Sandsloot farm, Bushveld Complex  A multivariate statistical approach  Abstract  
 BAILIE, Russell Petrographic evidence for multiple fluid flow events and extensive metasomatism of the Platreef  above a carbonate footwall, Sandsloot, N Bushveld Complex  Abstract  
 REID, David Louis Application of modern analytical techniques and innovations to the characterization of platinum ores : 3D Mineralogy  Abstract  
 REID, David Louis Application of modern analytical techniques and innovations to the characterization of platinum ores: search for nanoscale PGM  Abstract  
 TERBLANS, J J ( Koos) Molecular Dynamics simulations  to characterize Platinum nanoparticles: research instruments available in the Physics department at UFS  Abstract  
 PURCHASE, Megan Investigation of the positioning of Platinum-group Minerals in chromites of the Bushveld Igneous Complex, South Africa  Abstract  
 HOOSAIN, Yafah The framework and geochemistry of regolith associated with platinum-group element mineralization in the Rooipoort prospect, Platreef  Abstract  
 KHALO, Mmapholo Pricilla Serpentinisation in the Platreef of the northern limb, Bushveld Complex  Abstract  
 BEUKES, Jarlen Investigation of Norites of the Merensky Reef Unit at Two Rivers Platinum, Eastern Bushveld  Abstract  
 MARKRAM, Justine Mineralogical & geochemical interpretation on the pegmatoidal and non-pegmatoidal Merensky reef  Abstract  
 ANDREWS, Marcelene The use of chemostratigraphy and geochemical vectoring as an exploration tool for platinum group metals in the Platreef, Bushveld Complex: a case study  Abstract  
 CHIWESHE, Trevor Spectrometric determination of osmium  Abstract  
 MADITO, Moshawe The segregation of Indium from polycrystalline Copper crystals  Abstract  
Mining and the environment
 LIPPMANN-PIPKE, Johanna Long-term, on-site borehole monitoring of gases released from an ?active? fault system at 3.6km depth, TauTona Gold Mine, South Africa  Abstract  
 NTHOLI, Thakane Technical and socio-economic feasibility of the Passive Underground Mine-water Purification (PUMP) model  Abstract  
 MIELKE, Christian Field Spectroscopy of Geological Materials, Alteration Zones and Mine Waste; Possible Applications and Test Sites for  Hyperspectral Sensor EnMAP  Abstract  
 BOESCHE, Nina Krisitine Detecting rare earth elements in western Mongolia  Abstract  
 AMPONSAH-DACOSTA, Maxwell Mineralogical characterization of South African PGM tailings with the aim of evaluating their potential for Mineral Carbonation  Abstract  
 LEKGAU, Sefularo Mineralogical investigation of historic PGE tailings of Amandelbult mine, Limpopo Province and their potential use for CO2-sequestration  Abstract  
 MATSHUSA, Khodani Geo-environmental modelling of heavy metals dispersion at Klein Letaba and Louis Moore tailings dams, Giyani Greenstone Belt, South Africa  Abstract  
 MAKHADI, Rinae Geochemical analysis of surface water quality in the Welkom area with special reference to impacts on the environment  
 MILANZI, Kenneth Investigation of nitrate contamination of groundwater associated with chromite mining in the Kroondal area, South Africa  Abstract  
Public Lectures  
 Dr Hugues Lantuit Climate change in the Arctic: The fate of frozen ground and frozen water
 Dr Uwe Schliewen, Dr Fenton Cotterill Using (next generation) molecular clocks in fish phylogenies to understand landscape evolution


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