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Workshop 10 : Matjiesfontein, 28 September - 3 October 2014

10th Annual Inkaba yeAfrica and !Khure Africa Conference/Workshop : 28 September - 3 October 2014


Iphakade and Earth Stewardship Science
Space, Energy, Minerals, Rocks, Soils, Air, Water, Food, Life, Strain

incl. Special Workshop and Field Trip on Karoo Shale Gas


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ABEGUNDE, Oluseyi (University of the Western Cape)

Distribution Patterns of Contaminants in the Mogale Gold Tailing Dam; Case Study from South Africa


ADAMS, Adrian (University of Stellenbosch)

Drying effects on mineral surface catalyzed atrazine degradation


ALMANZA, Roberto (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univeristy)

Gypsum Deposits Associated with the Whitehill Formation (Ecca Group) in the Steytlerville-Jansenville Area, Southern Karoo, South Africa


ANDREOLI, Marco (Necsa, University of the Witwatersrand)

INVITED LECTURE: Evolving stress patterns across southern Africa since the end of Gondwana: puzzling clues to the intraplate seismicity of South Africa


AYODELE, Oluwatoyin (University of the Western Cape)

Pore pressure prediction of some selected wells; Insight from the Southern Pletmos, Bredasdorp basin, Offshore South Africa


BAKER, Andrea (Stellenbosch University)

Biomarker records of environmental changes and their climatic inferences in Mfabeni Peatland (South Africa) since the late Pleistocene


BENEKE, Louis (Tshwane University of Technology)

Development of a Solar Power Plant



Geophysical processing, integration, and visualisation of multi-parameter survey data over parts of the Eastern Cape

A Discussion of choice of colourmaps in visualisation: Perceptual colourmaps and colourmaps for the colour-blind


BERRY, Richard (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

Time- and Length-series analysis within artificial deltas


BEUKES, Jarlen (University of the Free State)

Petrological investigation of Merensky Reef Unit lithologies at Two Rivers Platinum Mine and comparison to stratigraphically similar rocks north of the Steelpoort fault, eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa


BEZUIDENHOUT, Lucian (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

3-D Karoo basin reconstruction from ambient passive seismic noise


BOKANA, Reddy (University of the Western Cape (Applied Geology))

Lithogeochemical characterization of the Hondekloof Ni deposit, Kliprand area, Garies terrane, Namaqualand, South Africa


BOOTH, Peter (Research Associate - NMMU)

The Cape Fold Belt – some stratigraphic and structural insights

The effect of faulting and dolerite intrusions on gas-bearing potential of lower Karoo strata


BOTHA, Roelf C (HartRAO)

Dual laser system for the HartRAO Lunar Laser Ranger: design, configuration and expected performance


BOTHMA, Susan (Stellenbosch University)

Geotechnical Properties and Foundation Requirements of the Lunar Laser Ranger at Matjiesfontein Space Geodesy Observatory



Borehole stratigraphy, organic geochemistry and petrography of Permo-Carboniferous Lower Ecca black shales: Implications for their shale gas potential


COMBRINCK, Ludwig (presented by BOTHA, Roelf C) (Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory)

Light bending General Relativity test during the forthcoming March 2015 total solar eclipse


CROUKAMP, Leon (Stellenbosch University)

Geotechnical investigations at Matjiesfontein Space Geodesy Observatory for the emplacement of geodetic and geoscience instruments


DE WIT, Maarten (AEON - NMMU)

Welcome and Opening

Discussions and Closure

Introduction to Shale Gas

Wrap-up: Space and Energy



Preliminary results from a field reconnaissance for shale gas in the Karoo of Tanzania


EBRAHIM-TROLLOPE, Rookshana (University of Cape Town)

Induced seismicity in South Africa. Failure mechanisms, source parameters and magnitude estimates


FORBANKA, Derick (DZE University of Fort Hare)

Loud Calls as Species Markers in Fork-Marked Dwarf Lemurs (Phaner)


FOURIE, Stoffel (TUT; AEON EarthTech Hub)

The structure of the Karoo-age Ellisras Basin in Limpopo Province, South Africa, in the light of new airborne geophysical data


FRANCOIS, Fourie (Institute for Groundwater Studies, University of the Free State)

Estimating the decant rate at a rehabilitated opencast mine where net groundwater inflow occurs


GEEL, Claire (NMMU MSc)

Characteristics of Permian gas-shales in the lower Karoo Supergroup nearJansenville in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Introduction to Field Trip Topics


HOLM, Erik (Independent)

Matjiesfontein GeoTrail Walk

Insects and Spiders of the Karoo


JANSE VAN RENSBURG, Cornel (Stellenbosch University)

Low-level river crossings and erosion repair of the access road for general ease of access and secure transportation of the Lunar Laser Ranger and Radio Telescope equipment to the Matjiesfontein Space Geodesy Observatory


KRIGER, Robert (NRF)

Discussions and Closure

Wrap-up: Shale Gas Round Table Student Discussion


LINOL, Bastien (AEON - NMMU)

Preliminary results from a field reconnaissance for shale gas in the Karoo of Tanzania


LOKE, Palo Francis (Department of Soil, Crop and Climate Sciences, University of the Free State)

Impact of long-term effects of wheat production management practices on soil acidity, P and some micronutrients in a semi-arid Plinthosol


LONG, Chazanne (AEON - NMMU)

Characterise and quantify contamination from anthropogenic activities within the Crocodile (West) and Marico Water Management areas, South Africa


MABIDI, Annah (obo Kristen Ellis) (AEON-ESSRI)

The vegetation of the proposed Karoo fracking sites and ecophysiological responses of plants to fracking chemicals



Diversity of invertebrates in temporary water bodies of the Eastern Cape Karoo region earmarked for shale gas exploration


MABUNDA, Vincent (Tshwane University of Technology)

Development of a D.C. Resistivity Modelling Laboratory for the Simulation of Wenner, Schlumberger and Dipole-dipole Configurations


MAHLAGAUME, Charmaine (Tshwane University of Technology)

The Seismicity of the Eastern Cape Province


MAKHOKHA, Dakalo (Institute of Groundwater Studies-IGS:UFS)

A systematic approach to the interpretation of conductivity anomalies recorded with the Geonics EM34-3 electromagnetic instrument across intrusive dolerite dykes and sills in the Karoo Supergroup


MAKOAE, Christinah Manthofeela (Institute for Groundwater Studies (IGS-UFS))

An investigation of possible augmentation of water from groundwater resources to Mangaung (Part 2)

An investigation of possible augmentation of water from groundwater resources of Mangaung (Part 1)


MANDENDE, Hakundwi (University of the Western Cape)

Geochemical characterization of P1, P2, P3 and P4 units at the Akanani prospect area, Bushveld Complex, South Africa: Combination of R-Cluster, R-Factor and Discriminant analysis approach


MASHABA, Zinhle (Centre for Geoinformation Science, Dept. Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology, University of Pretoria)

Implementation and design of a web-based GNSS data management system at Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO)


MOGOSWANE, Mpho (Tshwane University of Technology)

The Seismicity of the Eastern Cape Province


MOKOENA, Moipone Precious (AEON - NMMU)

Baseline Geochemical study of the natural gas and Karoo formation waters prior to Fracking


MOLABA, Grace Lebohang (Institute for Groundwater Studies (IGS-UFS))

An investigation of possible augmentation of water from groundwater resources of Mangaung (Part 1)

An investigation of possible augmentation of water from groundwater resources to Mangaung (Part 2)


MOLOKOANE, Pule Petrus (University of the Free State)

Catechol oxidase activity of Bis(pyridinonato)copper(II) complexes


MORKEL, Barry (AEON - Karoo Shale Gas Research Programme)

Shale Gas in South Africa: Contextualizing the Socio-Economic and Political Implications



Development of an integrated timing and photon detection system for the HartRAO Lunar Laser Ranger


MWENZE, Tshipeng (University of the Western Cape)

The use of chemostratigraphy and geochemical vectoring as an exploration tool for platinum group metals in the Platreef, Bushveld Igneous Complex, South Africa: A case study on the Sandsloot and Overysel farms


NDLOVU, Sphumelele (Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory:Space Geodesy)

Variable link equation parameters and expected photon returns for the HartRAO Lunar Laser Ranger


NENGOVHELA, Vhuhwavhohau (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)

A structural and geochemical analysis of the Karoo sedimentary rocks along dolerite dyke and sill contacts with implications on shale gas potential


NKOSI, Nokwazi Purity (Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory:Space Geodesy)

Optical configuration and optical tests of the HartRAO Lunar Laser Ranger


OGHENEKOME, Monica (University of the Western Cape)

Evaluating shale-gas potential by analysing (organic) shale facies, micro-mineralogy and desorption capacity, Whitehill Formation, Karoo, South Africa


RAKGALAKANE, Malebo Sharon (Tshwane University of Technology)

Seismic vault construction and challenges; HartRAO and Klerefontein


SAFFOU, Eric (University of the Western Cape)

Numerical Analysis of finite strain in the Warm Zand Structure


SAMAKINDE, Chris (University of the Western Cape)

Assessments of the Effects of Clay Diagenesis on Some Petrophysical Properties of Lower Cretaceous Sandstones, Block 3A, Offshore Orange Basin, South Africa


SAUNDERS, Ian (Council for Geoscience)

Reappraisal of single station locations reported by the South African National Seismograph Network during the period 2000 to 2005


SHAKHANE, Teboho (University of the Free State)

Quantifying groundwater-surface water exchange fluxes based on steady state riparian area aquifier water balance


SONIBARE, Wasiu (Stellenbosch University)

Understanding source rock contribution to hydrocarbon accumulation and natural gas leakages in the Bredasdorp Basin- a 3D basin modelling study


STROEBEL, Divan (presented by MOKOENA, Moipone Precious) (AEON - NMMU)

Baseline Groundwater Hydrochemistry and Aquifer Connectivity of the Eastern Cape Karoo Prior to the Proposed Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale Gas


TSELA, Philemon (University of Pretoria)

Thermal distortion dynamics of the HartRAO Lunar Laser Ranger optical telescope; impacts on pointing, characterisation and modelling


VAN BEVER DONKER, Jan (University of the Western Cape)

INVITED LECTURE: The Role of the Geoscientist in the quest for energy resources in South Africa


VAN TONDER, Danel (University of the North-West)

Development of a Solar Desalination Plant


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