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Workshop 8: Cape Town, 28 August - 2 September 2011

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  • Maarten de Wit and Robert Trumbull: Inkaba yeAfrica General Opening    Abstract

SESSION 1: Archean – geophysics and mineralization ( Barberton and WITS)


  • Maarten de Wit (NMMU): A GyroLAG, high-resolution aeromagnetic survey across a PaleoArchean suture zone, southern Barberton greenstone belt, Makhonjwa Mountains, South Africa    Abstract
  • Scott Maclennan (UCT): Geological and Geophysical characteristics of an Archean suture zone, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa      Abstract   
  • Sissy Kuetter (GFZ): Electrical conductivity images of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa      Abstract   
  • Jon Engelhardt (Germany): Dating Archean sedimentary processes and rates in the Moodies Basin, Barberton Supergroup, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa     Abstract
  • Nathi Chabangu UFS): An Investigation of Nickel Mineralization in the jamestownite Body in the Northwestern Part of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa      Abstract
  • Glen Nwalia (UCT): Mineralogical characterisation of the VCR and Elsburg gold reefs at Kusasalethu Mine, Carletonville, SA     Abstract    
  • Chris Gauert (UFS): Chemical fingerprinting of Black Reef Conglomerate Gold at the West and East Rand, South Africa    Abstract


SESSION 2: Proterozoic – Bushveld, Namaqua and Tsodile mineral provinces

  • Mike de Wit (BRC Diamondcore and Tsodile Resources): Exploration in Africa INVITED SPECIAL LECTURE    
  • Ilya Veksler (Robert Trumbull -GFZ): LA-ICPMS study of trace element distribution in rock-forming minerals of the Upper Critical Zone, Bushveld Complex    Abstract
  • Jarlen Beukes (UFS): Geochemical and mineralogical characterisation of the Merenksy Reef unit at Two Rivers Platinum Mine      Abstract   
  • Kabelo Baloyi (UCT): Geological features of the mine sequence at Waterval Platinum Mine, Rustenburg Section, Bushveld Complex     Abstract
  • Mabule Modiba (UCT): Unusual pothole structures in the UG2 sequence at Townlands Shaft, Rustenburg Section     Abstract  
  • Musa Mhlongo (UCT): Mineralogical characterisation of selected Merensky Reef types at Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine (BRPM), western Bushveld Complex  Abstract    
  • Clayton Cross (UCT): Some aspects of the iron rich pegmatitic suite replacement bodies at Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine, western Bushveld Complex      Abstract    
  • Nequita McDonald (UFS): Mineralogical study and melt-fluid evolution of the Noumas pegmatites, Northern Cape, South Africa      Abstract    
  • Ryan Gerner (UCT): Possible carbonatite hosted magnetite-apatite-REE mineralization in the Tsodilo Hills area, NW Botswana       Abstract   


SESSION 3: Theory of PGE precipitation and the PGE value chain

  • Leon Wessels (UFS): Simulation of Pt Nanostructures Utilizing Molecular Dynamic Calculations     Abstract    
  • Bianca Kennedy (UFS) : Investigation of the growth of platinum group element nano-structures in synthetic sulphide melts     Abstract   
  • Bastien Linol (UCT): Evolution of the Congo Basin INVITED SPECIAL LECTURE    Abstract
  • Reid and Keanly (UCT / US): Application of X-Ray Computed Tomography to the characterisation of ore textures    Abstract


SESSION 4: Cape Fold Belt- Karoo Basin and gas shales

  • Daniel Mikeš (SU): Systems Analyses and Geo-logic INVITED SPECIAL LECTURE    Abstract
  • Jacek Stankiewicz (GFZ): Proposed Ambient Seismic Noise experiment across the Cape Fold Belt   Abstract
  • Xiaoming Chen (GFZ): Study of the geo-electrical anisotropy in the Cape Fold Belt using magnetotelluric     Abstract    
  • Letticia Loots (WITS): Using seismic reflection to investigate the crust in the Southern Karoo    Abstract    
  • Gideon Brunsdon (NMMU): Structural features of the Bokkeveld Group (Cape Supergroup) in the Eastern Cape, South Africa    Abstract   
  • Angelique Goossens (NMMU): Regional pattern of structures in the Port Elizabeth-Kareedouw-Humansdorp area, Eastern Cape    Abstract    
  • Dawn Black (NMMU): Chronostratigraphy of the lower and middle Karoo Supergroup, north of Paterson, Eastern Cape, South Africa     Abstract
  • Claire Geel (NMMU): A study of the Ecca Group north of Wolwefontein in the Eastern Cape, with specific focus on the Prince Albert, Whitehill and Collingham Formations     Abstract
  • Shereen Slamang (NMMU): A Geological Study of the Ecca Group between Grahamstown and Fort Beaufort      Abstract  
  • Renitia Arenz (SU): Facies analysis of the upper slope to shelf edge, Permian Ecca Group, Karoo basin     Abstract
  • Donovan Lombard (SU): Facies architecture and reservoir quality of Unit B, Permian Laingsburg Formation, southwestern Karoo Basin, South Africa     Abstract  
  • Wasiu Sonibare (UWC): Sedimentary modelling of the Permian Ecca Group shelf-edge delta (Kookfontein Formation), Tanqua-Karoo Basin of South Africa     Abstract    
  • Andy Arnold (UWC): The Permian Karoo delta(s)     Abstract
  • Zainab Mowzer (UWC): Geochemical evaluation of source rocks within the upper Ecca, main Karoo       Abstract    
  • Xavier Schalkwyk (UWC): Characterizing depositional environments of the Lower Ecca and Beaufort formations through geochemical analysis in the Karoo, South Africa     Abstract   
  • Janine Ferreira (UWC): Characterization of potential source rocks of the Prince Albert, Whitehill and Collingham Formations in the Laingsburg subbasin    Abstract   
  • Miles van Eeden (UWC): Natural fracture characterisation in the sw Karoo basin,Laingsburg, South Africa: implications for a potential shale gas play   Abstract   
  • Naledi Chere (UCT) - presented by Prof. Maarten de Wit: Gas Potential of black shales in the Karoo Basin, Southern Africa    Abstract


SESSION 5: Offshore Basins and Reservoirs

  • Mimonitu Opuwari (UWC) : Petrophysical Evaluation of the Lower Cretaceous gas bearing Reservoir sandstones of the O-M field, Orange Basin Offshore South Africa     Abstract
  • Emmanuel Nformi (UWC): Sequence stratigraphic characterisation of petroleum reservoirs in block 11b/12b of the Southern Outeniqua    Abstract    
  • Oluwaseun Fadipe (UWC): Diagenesis and reservoir quality of the lower Cretaceous sandstone in Orange Basin, South Africa     Abstract    
  • Nofu Courage (UWC): Chemostratigraphy analysis of the Albian age sequence Orange Basin, offshore South Africa    Abstract   
  • Alfred Onaneye (SU): Upscaling reservoir models for flow simulation: Analysis and Field Study (Western Bredasdorp Basin Offshore SA as case study area)  Abstract    
  • Sibongile Ngini (UCT): Sequence stratigraphy of the Zululand Basin and its implications for geophysical exploration     Abstract


SESSION 6: Geomorphology, denudation, landscapes, climate and geoecodynamics

  • Alexandru (Tibi) Codilean (GFZ-Potsdam, Germany): Cosmogenic Dating and Landscape Evolution INVITED SPECIAL LECTURE
  • Taryn Scharf (UCT) : Denudation rates and geomorphic evolution of the Cape Fold Belt, determined through the use of in-situ produced cosmogenic 10Be    Abstract    
  • Tyrel Flugel (UCT): The asymmetry of the Congo and Zambezi drainage basins determined from remote sensing and GIS      Abstract
  • Andri van Aardt (UFS): A vegetation and environmental analysis of the palaeo-Kimberley, palaeo-Modder Rivers and the surrounding areas      Abstract  
  • Ponani Mthembi (UCT): Palaeoclimate and Ecosystems of the Pleistocene in South Africa as archived in the Kalkkop Crater Lake deposit    Abstract   
  • Claire Browning (UCT): Fossil dune snails: a potential proxy for past climate dynamics along the west and southern coasts of South Africa     Abstract   
  • Khulekani Mthimkhulu (UFS): The assessment of the extent of bush encroachment in the Sandveld Nature Reserve, Free State province, South Africa    Abstract   
  • Stephan Steyn (UFS): Temperature Projections for the 21st Century over the Free State Gold Fields Region     Abstract
  • Jacques Vogeli (UCT) : Investigation of the potential for mineral carbonation of South African PGM tailings      Abstract
  • Keo Halenyane (UCT): Kimberlite mine tailings and their suitability as a mineral storage reservoir for CO2 sequestration     Abstract   
  • Nicole Meyer (UCT): Natural mineral carbonation of Karoo dolerite as a guide to a possible industrial CO2 sequestration process     Abstract
  • Charles Tharaga (UFS): Downscaling climate change scenarios to daily maximum temperatures over Kimberley, South Africa  Abstract   
  • Pieter Snyman (UFS): Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of the Bloemfontein Urban Heat Island     Abstract  
  • Phumzile Maluleke (UFS): Measuring the climatic regimes around a shelterbelt in semi-arid central South Africa      Abstract    
  • Fenton (Woody) Cotteril (SU): Molecular clocks, Geoecodynamics and the Kalahari Epeirogeny INVITED SPECIAL LECTURE    Abstract
  • Vera Hoffman (UCT): Linking landscape evolution and past climatic changes to the evolution and diversity of plant ecological specialists in the Cape Fold Belt    Abstract


SESSION 7: Regolith - soils, hydrology and agriculture

  • Cathy Dowding-Clarke (SU): Trace metals in the soils of Namaqualand    Abstract
  • Olwethu Majodina (SU): Characterisation of barium-enriched veins in the Vaalputs palaeosols   Abstract  
  • Stephan le Roux (SU): Characterisation of Cu contamination and mobility in the soils surrounding Spektakel mine, Northern Cape Province      Abstract    
  • Mark Dimmick-Touw (UFS): Lithium exploration in the Northern Cape and its effects on the environment Abstract  
  • Tshiamo Legoale (UFS): Degree of nickel weathering from Vredefort komatiites and possible influence on adjacent soils    Abstract    
  • John Clark (UFS): The geochemistry of mercury in soils in Bloemfontein, South Africa: Updated research of the local environment    Abstract    
  • Elmarie Kotze (UFS): Effect of grassland condition on selected soil fertility properties    Abstract    
  • Mirjam Lebenya (UFS): Soil carbon stocks in the Weatherley catchment, eight years after conversion to forestry    Abstract   
  • Palo Loke (UFS): Effects of long-term wheat residue management on organic nitrogen in an Avalon soil   Abstract    
  • Hannah Clayton (UFS): Long-term effects of tillage practices on enzymes in a soil cropped annually to wheat     Abstract    
  • Brenton Mabuza (UFS): Investigating reasons for the lack of redoximorphic features in sandy wetland soils of the Kosi Bay coastal wetland    Abstract   
  • Kevin Fourie (UFS): The effect of irrigation water salinity on hay quality and yield of lucerne     Abstract    
  • Margret Nthejane (UFS): Comparison of phosphorus extraction methods for agronomic purposes     Abstract  
  • Marcel Heine (UFS): Decomposition rates of crop residues under an irrigated no-tillage practice     Abstract  
  • Lulu Pretorius (UFS): Characterization of wetland systems and –zones based on soil properties on the Maputaland Coastal Plain   Abstract    
  • Moses Nape (UFS): Recommended maize production practices under various seasonal rainfall scenarios in the Modder River catchment, South Africa    Abstract    
  • Mateo Shai (UFS): The influence of farming practice on the geochemistry and structure of the soil   Abstract    
  • John Anderson (Amphitheatre-Pretoria): Darwin's Century INVITED SPECIAL LECTURE  
  • Howard Castelyn (UFS) - presented by Prof. Marian Tredoux: Evidence for volatile signalling between leaf rust infected and uninfected wheat seedlings      Abstract    
  • Palesa Pepenene (UFS): The phylogeny of the genus Steirodiscus (Asteraceae)      Abstract    
  • Ayanda Shabalala (HartRAO): Correlation of water quality with farming activities in a selected catchment area in Kwazulu-Natal    Abstract    
  • Gaathier Mahed (UCT): In-situ hydraulic properties of soils surrounding the South African Geodynamic Observatory, Sutherland     Abstract
  • Chazanne Allison (NMMU): Geo-contamination related to acid mine drainage in the West Rand, Witwatersrand, and quantification of costs related to environmental degradation as a result of SA’s gold mining industry    Abstract
  • Likeleli Koikoi (UFS): The Impacts of Sewage effluent on the water quality of the Sepanespruit, Free State     Abstract    
  • Modreck Gomo (UFS): Using geological and hydrogelogical field methods to determine flow and transport phenomena in the subsurface    Abstract
  • Khahliso Leketa (UFS): Investigation into the recharge and management of water resources in a riparian zone, and the influence it has on water availability    Abstract
  • Teboho Shakhane (UFS): Determine aquifer parameters for the supply of water to rural communities and sustainability options for management    Abstract
  • Letlotlo Mokoma (UFS): Measuring evapotranspiration of a crop vegetated area using remote sensing     Abstract  


SESSION 8: Neotectonics, seismicity, magnetic field, and hazards

  • Shana Ebrahim-Trollope (UCT): Induced Seismicity within Southern Africa – Their effects and methods of quantifying hazards and risks     Abstract
  • Marco Andreoli: Seismicity and Stress in Western South Africa: Emerging Links     Abstract
  • Andrew Logue (UCT): Orientation of maximum horizontal stress of the western and south-eastern offshore basins of South Africa     Abstract    
  • Marc Goedhart (NMMU): A high-resolution multi-electrode resistivity survey to investigate a neotectonic rupture along the Kango Fault, southern Cape Fold Belt, SA   Abstract  
  • Marc Goedhart (NMMU): A new geodetic station near Willowmore, to monitor neotectonic crustal movement over the Cape Isostatic Anomaly, southern Cape Fold Belt, SA    Abstract   
  • Hlompho Malephane (WITS): Characterization of seismicity of the western arid regions of South Africa      Abstract
  • Tjaart de Wit (UCT): Wavelet analysis of geomagnetic jerks    Abstract
  • Catherine Odendaal (UFS): Influence of Physical Geographical Features on Lightning in the Free State Province of South Africa: a Methodology      Abstract    


SESSION 9: New technologies for rocks, minerals, waste, AMD, water, energy and space

  • Jack Madito (UFS): Auger electron spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction study of thin films     Abstract   
  • Christian Mielke (UCT): Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of mine tailings in South Africa     Abstract   
  • Thakane Ntholi (UCT) : Purification of Acid Mine Drainage in the Deep Gold Mines of SA by using Low Enthalpy Geothermal Energy and Sulphate Reducing Bacteria    Abstract
  • Adrian Adams (SU): The real time in-situ determination of iron oxide dissolution by an ATR-FTIR technique      Abstract    
  • Taufeeq Dhansay (UCT) - Prof. Maarten de Wit: Geothermal Energy Potential of South Africa    Abstract    
  • Danel van Tonder (TUT): The development and evaluation of solar desalination technology   Abstract    
  • Louis Beneke (TUT): Development of a Solar Power Plant     Abstract    
  • Fabian May (SU): Identifying preferential pathways with Time-lapse 2D Electrical Resistivity Tomography (TLERT)   Abstract   
  • Roelf Botha (HartRAO/SU): Pulsed operation of a high-power 2‑crystal Nd:YLF laser at 1314 nm    Abstract
  • Ludwig Combrinck (HartRAO): The effects of the solid Earth pole tide on geodetic station position and on Earth’s gravity field     Abstract
  • Joel Botai (HartRAO/UP) : Investigating the effect of nonlinearity in atmospheric SLR range bias correction      Abstract
  • Cilence Munghemezulu (HartRAO): Preliminary results of velocity fields calculated from IGS stations in Africa using GAMIT/GLOBK to support the unified-African Geodetic Reference Frame (AFREF)    Abstract   
  • Christina Botai (HartRAO)-Prof. Ludwig Combrinck: Analysis of the sensitivity of geo-potential models to Earth’s oblateness     Abstract   
  • Leslie Nickola (HartRAO/TUT): High-precision steering and pointing control of a satellite/lunar laser ranging telescope    Abstract    
  • Valentino van de Heyde (UWC): Development of Ionospheric TEC Model over Southern Africa using GPS network     Abstract   


SESSION 10: Outreach and modern communications - the internet, remote and mobile education

  • Maryke du Plessis (UFS): EarthWISE community outreach – the future is bright!   Abstract  
  • Stoffel Fourie (TUT): Recent advances with the Science and Technology (S&T) Train Project    Abstract    
  • David Bell (Arizona State University, USA): Earth and Space as a Complex System INVITED SPECIAL LECTURE


Posters which had no corresponding presentation

  • Trevor Chiweshe (UFS): Quantification and the influence of metal contaminants in the spectrometric determination of PGM and gold Abstract
  • Ilana Engelbrecht (UFS): Iridium in the PGE Value Chain: Stability of bidentate ligand complexes and substitution/ decomposition mechanisms Abstract    
  • Theuns Muller (UFS): Rhodium cyanido and nitrosyl complexes: stability, formation and oxidation mechanisms to predict mobility as PGE Abstract
  • Samson Phiri (UFS): Understanding natural hazards and community response systems in North-Central Malawi and KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Abstract
  • Wasiu Sonibare (SU): Basin analysis and petroleum system/facies modelling of Area C (Western Bredasdorp Basin), offshore South Africa Abstract    
  • Truidie Venter (UFS): Rhodium in the PGE value chain: Reactivity of eminoketonato complexes and stability towards decomposition Abstract

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